Pontiac's War

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Although fighting in Pontiac's Rebellion began inrumors reached British officials as early as that discontented Native Americans were planning an attack.

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They had fought as French allies in the previous war in an effort to drive away the British. The second expedition, commanded by Colonel Bouquet, was to march west from Fort Pitt and form a second front in the Ohio Country.

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As it is pity to oppose good men against them, I wish we could make use of the Spaniard's Method, and hunt them with English Dogs. Because not all of the captives were present, the Native Americans were compelled to surrender hostages as a guarantee that the other captives would be returned.

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About British soldiers were killed in action and perhaps 50 were captured and tortured to death. Bradstreet felt that he did not have enough troops to subdue enemy Native Americans by force, and so when strong winds on Lake Erie forced him to stop at Presque Isle on August 12, he decided to negotiate a treaty with a delegation of Ohio Native Americans led by Guyasuta.

This belief was widely held by British officials at the time, but subsequent historians have found no evidence of official French involvement in the uprising.

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Native Americans involved in the uprising frequently complained that the British treated them no better than slaves or dogs. Although some French colonists and traders supported the uprising, the war was initiated and conducted by Native Americans who had Native—not French—objectives. Senecas of the Ohio Country Mingos circulated messages "war belts" made of wampum which called for the tribes to form a confederacy and drive away the British.

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He marched to the Muskingum River in the Ohio Country, within striking distance of a number of native villages. Pontiac had by now become less militant after hearing of Bouquet's truce with the Ohio country Native Americans.

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Nothing prevents us; they are few in numbers, and we can accomplish it. Sickness, smallpox, and their poison [alcohol] will destroy you entirely. The movement was fed by discontent with the British as well as food shortages and epidemic disease.

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The Illinois tribes were the last to come to terms with the British. While the French had long cultivated alliances among certain of the Native Americans, the British post-war approach was essentially to treat the Native Americans as a conquered people.

It was hardly a surrender: Nearly people crowded inside, including more than women and children.

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