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Attractions and Places of Interest Visitors to the county can enjoy several attractions. On 4 Marchthe general election was held in Kenya and the Members of the County Assembly MCAsthe women representatives, the Members of Parliaments MPsthe senators, the governors and the president were elected.

The flatter area of Makuyu division of Maragwa constituency is characterized by arid and semi-arid conditions. The residents also engage in small scale farming and livestock keeping. The short rains are received during the months of October and November. Subsequently, the select and the sectoral committees were formed, of which there are Climatic Conditions The County is divided into three climatic regions: The western region, Kangema, Gatanga, and higher parts of Kigumo and Kandara, is generally wet and humid due to the influence of the Aberdares and Mt.

Kiria-ini muranga county singles is located on the Murang'a-Kangema-Othaya road. These offer conventional banking and ATM services. Over 60 percent of small scale farmers grow cash crops tea and coffee.

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Soils emanating from the volcanic activity are generally fertile and important for agriculture. This is an ideal site for camping hiking and bird watching. The county also hosts the prestigious Ndaka-ini half marathon. The slopes in the rich volcanic soils on the higher altitudes are particularly suitable for tea growing.

The Catholic church-run Kiria-ini Mission Hospital is located in the town. Church-run health facilities include Kiria-ini Mission and Githumu Hospital. The agro ecological zone one consists of the highest potential zones where forestry, tea and tourism industry form the most important economic activities.

Coffee factories in the area include Kanyenyaini, Mihuti and Muranga county singles, Kiharu coffee factories among others. The assembly is also administratively managed by Clerk to the Assembly, a post being occupied by Peter Ndegwa Mbue. Agro-ecological zones two and three are the lowlands east of Aberdares and are generally suitable for both coffee and dairy farming. Lying approximately 85 kilometers northeast of Nairobi, the county covers 2, square kilometers.

The University College is located 1. The western region with an equatorial type of climate, the central region with a sub-tropical climate and the eastern part with semi-arid conditions.

Six tea factories serve most of the farmers; Githambo, Gatunguru, Kanyenya-ini and Kiru. Although the University College has just opened its doors to undergraduate students, MRUC remains strongly committed to exploring how best to harness technology to improve the quality of education it offers students.

Education There are primary schools and secondary schools both public and private. The geology of the County consists of volcanic rocks of the Pleistocene age and basement system rock of Achaean type.

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Tuthu Catholic Church mausoleum, the first ever Catholic church in the area is a worthwhile attraction. The long rains fall in the months of March, April and May. Even though many have shifted from indigenous worship, there is a significant number of locals who worship the traditional religious sects among them The Tent of the Living God and Thaai.

Select committees are the county public investment and accounts committee, county budget and appropriation committee, committee on appointments, committee on implementation, committee on delegated county legislation, committee on selection, committee on procedure and rules, the county Assembly business committee and the liaison committee.

The University College intends to build technology and innovations that will go a long way to improve the quality of life of the Kenyans and also contribute to quickening industrialization envisioned in vision There are alternative financial institutions which cater for small business people and farmers. It takes approximately one hour by road from Nairobi, one and half hours from Nyeri, 40 minutes from Thika town and two hours from Embu town.

The highest areas form the rain catchment areas from where most of rivers draining the county originate.

Murang’a County Government

The town serves as a commercial center for administration, local businesses and agriculture. The respected Mukurwe Wa Nyagathanga shrine believed to be the home of kikuyu ancestors Gikuyu and his wife Mumbi is worth a visit. Agriculture is practiced on small family land holding. The numerous streams and valleys necessitate the construction of numerous bridges to connect one ridge to the other; construction and maintenance of roads are therefore made difficult and expensive.

People of Murang’a County

The county's economy and commercial activity is served by a diverse network of commercial banks. Health Facilities Murang'a County has about health facilities which include centers run by government, that are privately owned and 31 run by faith based organizations. This forms the agro ecological zones 4, 5, and 6.

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Porous beds and disconformities within the volcanic rock system form important aquifers, collecting and moving ground water, thus regulating water supply from wells and boreholes. The town offers administrative and socio-economic services to locals. Leonard Nduati, deputized by the Hon. Ecological Conditions The county is divided into six agro ecological zones. Through the continued development of our courses, we will continue to explore and embrace sound pedagogy through a combination of active and engaged learning and appropriately matched technological tools.

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Religion and Culture Majority of the residents of this county belong to the mainstream Christian denominations including catholic and Protestants.