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This app could go for more features too like adding videos and emotes. After some considerable effort trying out many of the top Android journals I found the absolute best and my new daily journal - Diaro At release, the emoji database will contain all of the standard emojis that you enjoy but as the app grows, so will the emoji library. It deleted all our memories!!

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Now is the age of the phone and technology and as such the traditional diary has evolved. The last two reviewers complain that the date cannot be set to other than today. Try setting the year first to a previous one, then it will let you change the month. Definitely a great concept. Diaro is a simple-looking app with nicely organized features. This extra weight means that you can only bring your diary with you when you have a bag or want to carry it in your hands.

Apart from that, you can even share food photos on Instagram or Facebook!

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When you use a diary app, you have the ability to use a wide variety of emojis. This can get expensive as printer ink and photo paper is not cheap. Get a diary app and change your journaling forever! It did not offer a backup when it first came out. Read More David Post said: So, are you ready to get your own diary app? For any support or feedback, please write in to 4kappsinc gmail.

Pictures In Your Diary App A traditional diary requires you to print out pictures and paste them into the pages. Diaro is here to help. In addition to the security your phone carries with it, you can passcode protect your diary app by itself with a separate passcode. Editing your diary on your desktop also allows you to write longer entries easier because you have the use of a full keyboard.

It comes down to one simple fact, a diary app is much more flexible in its uses.

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This is soo Cute!!! Unfortunately, it shows those days as a notification on the app menu so you will never be able to get rid of it. Scroll to other months and it flips back to this month.

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It has a great user interface that has nothing complex for the user to handle. Overall I gave this app 5 stars for keeping it simple, doing what I need it to do, and having a very responsive staff that cares about getting good feedback and is willing to work for it A diary app is simple, it's part of your phone or tablet and it adds no weight.

We recommend you to try "Diary with lock" for Android. It is also simple to take any picture off the internet and attach it to a diary entry. Just secretly put a lock to your note or even make a different category for private notes.


Diaro 3 looks to be the electronic solution people on the go need to record important stuff You can mark them with a specific tag, so you can easily find your favourite foods. Diary feature is greatit's bring happiness every-time I write a memory.

Why would you want to ditch a traditional diary for one that is an app? When you use a diary app, you have more security. Emojis in Your Diary Emojis are used when you are texting and expressing yourself with other people, why shouldn't you be able to use them when expressing yourself in your diary? A user can also access their Diaro entries from any browser, on any platform, using the My Diaro App web app Your diary, in the way you want to view it.

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Diaro offers powerful and fun tagging and categorizing features Read More Easy Journaling said: Can't select other than today's date! Life Diary is the most versatile, user-friendly and complete diary app for all Android devices - both phones and tablets.

You can also take photos of your favourite books or your notes and associate them with each diary entry.