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It was reported that many did come. Texas cattlemen and stock raisers drove large herds of cattle from the southern plains, and used Baxter Springs as a way point to the northern markets at Kansas Citywhich linked to railroads to the East.

In a savvy public relations move, oil companies began establishing uniform station designs that immediately identified their brand to car-driving customers.

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They competed with other tribes and by they dominated much of what is now the region of Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. It is believed that the development of the mining industry was, in large measure, a contributing factor in the drying up of the springs.

But when the road plans were finalized, the route was changed to pass by the springs. The center had its grand opening in It moved its troops to the better fortified Fort ScottKansas. Some companies failed, and others were bought out. In addition, in the early s many mining executives built their business offices in Baxter Springs.

More information about the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program can be found here. Before leaving, US forces tore down and destroyed Fort Baxter to make it unusable for hostiles. Many immigrants flocked into the area both seeking land and for the purpose of setting up new businesses in the area.

In the 's, the possibility of developing the springs to capitalize upon their presumed health benefits emerged. The mining practices of the time caused considerable environmental degradation in the region. They continued to flow until the early part of the past century.

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The red mud was undoubtedly the iron content building up from the copious flow of water. Despite its short length, the route passes through three towns that are rich in cowtown, mining, and route 66 history -- Galena, Riverton, and Baxter Springs.

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Texas cattle trade stimulated the growth of related businesses, and Baxter Springs grew rapidly. Inthe National Park Service listed the station in the National Register of Historic Places, and the heritage society acquired it the same year. A trading post was established at the springs. The hotel was constructed to house the many tourists traveling by train to town. They constructed corrals for up to 20, head of cattle, supplied with ample grazing lands and fresh water.

The remainder, mostly United States Colored Troopsheld the fort with few casualties. Originally, the Military Road was to pass further east of Spring River.

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The chalybeate springs were advertised as follows: The 19th-century settlers eventually named the city and nearby springs after early settler A. Grants from the National Park Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program and the Kansas Humanities Council and local volunteer labor and in-kind contributions assisted with the repairs and cleaning needed in order to reopen the building as the Kansas Route 66 Visitor Center.

Springs came from the fact that magnificent springs did flow freely and abundantly from the hillside across from his homestead. The homey, cottages designs sought to appease local customers by blending into the surrounding neighborhood and provided travelers with a sense of security and comfort during an economic era fraught with uncertainty and discomfort. History of Kansas For thousands of years, indigenous peoples had lived along the waterways throughout the west.

This has renewed the community's connection and preserved access to the river and its green banks. This was to protect settlers against the Confederate regulars and partisan guerrillas operating in the eastern part of state.

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The campsite called Baxter's Springs was well-known during and after the Civil War. By the s, however, much of the high-quality ore had been mined, and the industry declined in the region.

The springs became the water source for the new town. The town was regularly the rowdy gathering place of cowboys, and saloons, livery stables, brothels and hotels were developed to support their seasonal business.

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The National Register nomination form for the building can be found here. Initially called the Planters, and then the Wiggins, the hotel was later renamed appropriately the Springs Hotel.

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Johnson wrote in his diary on May 18, the following entry: Military surveying parties led by Colonel Joseph Johnson camped around the springs in This led to the dramatic growth of Baxter Springs by the early s as the first "cow town" in Kansas. Across Spring Branch from the Main Baxter springs hot girls, a sapling grew, which in later years would gain notoriety as being the legendary "hangman's tree.

They attacked Fort Baxter.

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Some towns became defunct, and Hockerville, Lincolnville, Douthit, Zincville and others disappeared. A natural camping place, it was also believed to be a place of healing. A town quickly emerged on the rise overlooking the ruins of the old fort and the springs on the hillside east of the Military Road.